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Blood flow to the body improves internal bodily systems and skin texture. Aerial fitness can reduce joint pain, increase flexibility and mobility. Pole Fitness is a great exercise for increasing blood flow, which naturally means it contributes to a healthy heart and your brain as well!


Being in a challenging environment drives you to achieve things you never thought possible! As fun as they are, the moves you achieve will really work all of your muscles hard. This in turn helps you to improve your strength and endurance. You do not have to be strong to start!


As well as making new friends you will be part of the Pole community network. Whether you start pole fitness alone or with a friend you'll never feel left out. There's a real sense of friendship and encouragement and you'll be surrounded by positivity and optimism forever more!


A workout will see those pounds falling off! Aerial fitness will help you strip down that unwanted weight as it's possible to burn 500 calories in just one class, perhaps more if you train intensely. You will not worry about finding the motivation to keep going because it's great fun!


Kiss goodbye to your body as you know it, it will never be the same again! Developing amazing skills reaps fantastic emotional rewards! Walk tall with confidence, mix that with your newly toned and sculpted body and you will be amazed if you aren't super proud of yourself!


A good pole fitness workout will cause your body to start producing endorphins, regular pole fitness classes are an intense exercise that will make sure you always get a good nights sleep. You'll need it after all the energy you use and your body will be thankful for it!

Welcome to Preston’s premier Pole Fitness and Aerial studios!

Offering regular classes in aerial arts and personal fitness! Alongside our fantastic timetable we also run personal fitness sessions which will compliment your chosen discipline. Whether you’re in for the long haul or not, we will provide full training to suit every individual’s needs! All classes are open to complete beginners and long term students, why not come along and give it a go!

Our Instructors

We are all fully qualified, insured, DBS checked with First Aid certifucates, you are in safe hands with us!
Tracy McCullagh

Tracy McCullagh

Owner / Head Instructor
Natalie Thompson

Natalie Thompson

Pole Fitness Instructor
Samantha Walsh

Samantha Walsh

Pole Fitness Instructor
Lizzie Buckley

Lizzie Buckley

Aerial Silks Instructor

Cayla Ground


Jordan Burrell



See what our students say about us!
Stephanie Holland

Stephanie Holland

Pole fitness student

Ever since I've joined desire my strength and ability to do things have surpassed my expectations! I can't thank Tracy and Donna enough for what they have done. Ive only been with desire a few months and feel like I've been there longer, the atmosphere is great and everybody makes you feel welcome! Definitely recommend! 5*****

Joshua Holden

Joshua Holden

Aerial Hoop Student

Never ever did I think I would feel so comfortable training Aerial Hoop and Pole fitness in a mostly female environment. I absolutely love this studio and all the people who use it. Tracy, thanks for all your words of encouragement during my time using Desire! Your a real super star! Lot's of love from your fav' Queen! x

Angela Fenton

Angela Fenton

Pole Fitness Student

Never thought this would be "me" but really look forward to the classes. Love the encouragement and the friendliness. If you're even just a little bit tempted, I would say have a go!!


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