Class rules, payment and cancellation policy

Class Rules
1. Please DO NOT use any creams, moisturisers or lotions 24 hours before your pole fitness session. These can cause serious injury and prevent you from sticking to the pole. e.g. body lotions, bath bombs, radox, oils, hand creams, etc.
2. Please remove ALL JEWELLERY on entering the studio, watches, rings, bracelets, belly bars, body studs etc. Jewellery will scratch the poles, rip the tape on the hoops and rip the silks.
3. Please enter and leave the studio in a quiet manner to avoid disturbing instructors and students whilst they are teaching / learning
4. Due to the possible danger in this sport it is important to respect your instructor and other students in the class. Please do not talk over your instructor or hold conversations whilst your instructor is teaching.
5. Please keep all phones on silent as it can be very distracting to instructor and students when they are practicing pole moves.
6. Please refrain from taking pictures and videos when you have not learnt the move or the person on the pole or hoop is without a spotter. This can be very dangerous and can result in an injury!
7. Please DO NOT attempt any moves you have not been taught in class. We respect you may want to try new moves so please just ask the instructor and we will help and spot you. It is important to pole, hoop and silks to exercise in a safe manner, injuries can take you out of exercising for weeks or months, maybe even permanently.
8. This studio takes a zero-tolerance approach to bullying or verbal/physical abuse.
Any person engaging in this type of behaviour will be requested to leave the studio immediately.
If you have any issues at all whilst in the studio, please do come and speak to an instructor. We will treat all conversations confidentially and will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Please be aware you are NOT officially booked onto a session unless you have prepaid for it. If you turn up to a session and the class is full and you haven’t prepaid for it you will be turned away – classes are busy so don’t be disappointed, make sure you pay for your sessions in advance.

PAYG – If you prefer to use the pay as you go option then be aware we need 24 hrs notice of cancellation, otherwise you will be required to pay for your session.

BLOCK BOOKINGS / COURSES – With this option there are no carry overs or cancellations, therefore if you miss a week you will lose a lesson (block bookings are less expensive than PAYG sessions). You must pay for your next block booking on your last session to secure your place.

PRIVATE TUITION – All private tuition must be paid for in full prior to your session. We need 24 hrs notice to cancel your session. If you cancel on the day this will result in a cancellation fee of £15.

Clothing Policy


the last session of your block to secure your place.

PRIVATE TUITION – All private tuition must be paid in full prior to your session. We need 24hrs notice to cancel your session. If you cancel on the day there will be a cancellation fee of £15.


• Shorts
• Crop top or vest top

Avoid any embarrassment by wearing clothing that will not result in displaying certain parts of the anatomy during training.

• Leggings
• Short or long sleeved top
• Thick socks

Fitted or semi-fitted clothing is preferred as baggy clothing may result in getting trapped around the hoop.

Long sleeve top or a t-shirt that covers your arm pits. These need to be covered due to hygiene reasons. A long sleeved top is preferred as the silks can cause friction burns .

If there is anything you wish to discuss please don’t hesitate to ask you can contact me, Tracy McCullagh on 07879234443 or email