Pole Fitness

Monday: 7pm - 8pm (Beginners)

Tuesday: 6pm - 7pm (Beginners) / 7pm - 8pm (Mixed ability)

Thursday: 6pm - 7pm (Int/Adv) / 7pm - 8pm (Mixed ability)

Saturday: 10:30am - 11:30/12pm (1hour class or 1.5hour class optional)

Aerial Hoop

Monday: 7pm - 8pm / 8pm - 9pm

Wednesday: 6pm - 7pm

Aerial Silks

Tuesday: 7pm - 8pm (Beg/Int) / 8pm - 9pm (Beg/Int)


Wednesday: 7pm - 7:55pm (£5 per class)


P.A.Y.G = £8
Block of 4 sessions = £25


P.A.Y.G = £8 (Pay As You Go)
Block of 4 sessions = £28
Block of 6 sessions = £40


Block of 4 sessions = £32

Available Memberships

GOLD ~ Unlimited Pole & Aerial Hoop classes ~ £85

SILVER ~ Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Pole classes + Flexibility ~ £65

BRONZE ~ Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Pole classes ~ £55

Members are run on a 4-week basis

Important Information

Pole sessions last approx 60minutes
You must be 16+ to take part in Pole, Hoop & Silks.
Anybody under 18 must bring a parental consent form, with parental details, address and phone number
We advise you wear shorts (preferably fitted ) and a vest style top for pole fitness. Sessions are done in bare foot but we strongly recommend you wear trainers for our warm ups
We advise you wear leggings or track suit pants which are not 'baggy' for aerial hoop, along with a short or long sleeve top. (again not too baggy). Beginners are advised to wear two pairs of leggings or over knee leg warmers to protect the backs of your knees
Please do not use any creams or moisturisers with in 12hrs of your pole session these can seriously affect your grip also making the pole very slippery and dangerous for you and other students
Please remove all jewellery before partaking in any exercise class we advise you leave it at home as we cannot be responsible for anyone's valuables.
Jewellery can be quite dangerous and damage the equipment.
Please do not use any kind of chalk grip on our equipment, we find it very difficult to remove from the pole. Please wipe your poles before and after use.

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